BonaVita 1L Gooseneck Variable Electric Kettle

This kettle is amazing. It has an inbuilt digital thermostat that lets you tell the kettle what temperature you want the water to reach. You then have the option of holding that temperature for up to an hour. Perfect anyone serious about making perfect coffee and tea at home or in the cafe.

Why is variable temperature so important?  Consider the following temperatures at which these items are ideally prepared:- Coffee: 93C (200F)

- Green Tea: 80C (175F)

- White Tea: 85C (185F)

- Oolong Tea: 88C (190F)

- Black Tea/Herbal Tea/Tea Bags: 98C (208C)

- Cereal: 91C (195F)

- Cocoa: 88C (190F)

Fitted with a SAA plug for Australian outlets, it's all ready to go. Features include:

- Temperature set/hold for up to one hour

- Highly accurate temperature reading

- Water temperature read out on display; 6 preset temperatures or user set by degrees

- Gooseneck spout for better pour control

- 360 degree swivel, lifts off base for easy use and filling

- Count up timer - great for timed brewing

Comes with a 1 year limited warranty.

Trouble-shooting tip:

If it seems as though the ON/OFF switch isn't operating properly, press it an additional time.  Once activated the RED LED light (on top of the switch) will come on and the kettle will start to boil. Keep in mind that this appliance is designed to be highly accurate.  Occasionally you may notice that the boiling will "stop" in process.  This is because the kettle is constantly checking the temperature to achieve the optimal temperature point.   

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