Colombia Gabriel Castaño (filter)

Premium Specialty coffee
(Exclusively in 125g bags)

Produced by Gabriel Castano at the Las Granada Farm. This coffee was carefully handpicked to use only the ripest cherries; it is then exposed to a dry fermentation for 28 hours and later sun-dried on raised beds. This microlot is a Pink Bourbon, which is cultivated from hybridisation of Red and Yellow Bourbon. It's very rare and quite resistant to leaf rust, which is believed to be a mutation that took place at 2100 masl in San Adolfo, Huila.

• Roast: Light (filter coffee)

• Region: San Adolfo, Huila

• Varietal: Pink Bourbon

• Altitude: 1700-2000 MASL

• Producer: Gabriel Castaño

• Process Method: Washed

• Profile: Peach, kiwifruit and orange blossom


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