Colombia Diofanor Ruiz - Natural (filter)

Premium Specialty coffee
(Exclusively in 125g bags)

Cherries at Diofanor's farm are picked following a strict ripeness criteria. It was then exposed to a dry anaerobic fermentation of 18 hours before being pulped and sundried on raised beds to 10.5% moisture content with the mucilage left on. Diofanor has worked as a farm administrator for 20 years, and 18 years ago he started managing his family property, Finca La Divisa. Diofanor aims not to use any chemicals on his farm where possible, and since 2014 he has not used any herbicides or pesticides. He grows all of his coffee under shade and only occasionally applies small amounts of fertilizer to his coffee plantation.
With the guidance of Cofinet, Diofanor produced his first natural processed coffees in 2017.

• Roast: Light (filter coffee)

• Region: Buenavista, Quindio

• Varietal: Castillo

• Altitude:1600-2000 MASL

• Producer: Diofanor Ruiz 

• Process: Method: Natural

• Profile: Cranberry, pineapple and chocolate


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