Democratic Republic of Congo(filter)

Alpha New was founded in 2015 to roast coffee for the domestic market. In 2017, after two years operating as a successful coffee roaster, they began seeking new ways to reduce the cost of production while increasing market access for small producers and promoting a more equitable distribution of income.
With help from Technoserve and several state and local governments, Alpha New acquired land and constructed a wet mill. The Alpha New Washing Station began processing cherry in the 2019/2020 season. 
Coffee from DRC is handpicked and pulped in an eco pulper. After the fermentation process, the coffee is washed in clean water and laid on drying beds with frequent monitoring to ensure even drying. It takes approximately fourteen days for the coffee to dry.

• Roast: Light (filter)

• Region: South Kivu

• Varietal: Bourbon

• Altitude: 1630 MASL

• Producer: Alpha New washing station

• Process Method: Washed

• Profile:Tea-like body, blackberry, green apple and citrus acidity

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