Ethiopia Sidamo Chire (filter)

Premium Specialty coffee
(Exclusively in 125g bags)

The Sidamo region is located south of the capital city Addis Ababa,
in the highlands. The Guji-Chire region runs along the Mora Mora River and is well-known for its wild growing coffee trees known as “forest coffee.” Like most other Ethiopian coffee regions, this region is comprised of many small farmers who consolidate their coffees for processing and export. However, unlike other dry-processed Ethiopian coffees, these coffees are dried on raised beds instead of the ground, which is a much cleaner method.

• Roast: Light (filter coffee)

• Region: Sidamo /Guji-Chire

• Varietal: Mixed Heirloom

• Altitude: 1950 MASL

• Producer: Collection of small farms

• Process Method: Natural

• Profile: Milk chocolate, banana and strawberry


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