Ethiopia Tabe Burka (filter)

Guji-native Tadesse Edema is a pioneer among producers in Uraga. He was among the first to build a washing station in the region. His Tabe Burka washing station was in 2008. Tadesse is a community leader and has built schools and roads in the region. In addition to washing stations, he owns two farms - one in Shakiso and another in Anasora.

Farmers selectively handpick cherry and deliver them to Tabe Burka station. Cherry is floated and then visually inspected for damaged, over-and under-ripe cherry. Cherry is pulped and fermented for 36 to 72 hours. Throughout fermentation, water is replaced three times. After fermentation, parchment is run through a washing channel to remove the remaining mucilage. Staff push parchment through the tracks, and coffee is separated into grades by density. Once clean, the highest parchment grade are soaked for an additional 8 to 12 hours.

• Roast: Light (filter)

• Region: Guji

• Varietal: JARC varieties , Local Landraces

• Altitude: 1800 -2200 MASL

• Producer: Farmers working with Tabe Burka

• Process Method: Natural

• Profile: Creamy body, strawberry bubble gum, honey and milk chocolate

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