Guatemala Pastores (filter)

Beneficio Pastores is a historic mill built in the 1800s; it was a flour mill until 1905. It was re-fitted for wet and dry coffee processing, using traditional methods in which groups of women hand sort the coffee to perfectly prepare it. The coffee is selectively handpicked from the surroundings of magical Antigua, Guatemala; only ripe cherries are taken in the process, and then the coffee is de-pulped, naturally fermented, and sun-dried on red brick patios.

The exceptional region of Antigua is surrounded by volcanos, Agua Volcano and Fire Volcano and in the centre of it all is a masterful city with colonial architecture. The rich volcanic soils are full of nutrients and diverse microclimates, where sunny days and temperate nights help the plants develop a unique cup profile.


• Roast: Light (filter)

• Region:Antigua

• Varietal: Yellow Bourbon

• Altitude: 1600 MASL

• Producer: Beneficio Pastores

• Process Method: Natural

• Profile:Creamy body,low acidity, plum, cherry and milk chocolate

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