UPPERCUP is defined by it’s double wall design. It gives the cup a beautiful and elegant
aesthetic. It serves the function of insulation, keeping your coffee hot inside and your
hands cool on the outside.
The upper and lower lid components are connected by our uniquely designed button
mechanism that creates a spill resistant seal. The upper lid rotates 180 degrees to
expose or seal the drinking spout. We’ve also created a unique “dam wall” design
between the cup and lid, ensuring added protection that will resist spills. Our innovative
and intuitive lid design makes UPPERCUP the perfect travel cup.
The low down on UPPERCUP features.
- It’s made from super durable, high quality, long lasting Tritan copolyester.
- It’s BPA free.
- The double wall design keeps your fingers cool and your cino hot.
- The rotating lid mechanism ensures a spill resistant seal for the perfect travel cup.
- UPPERCUP is dishwasher safe and will always retain it’s high quality finish.
- It’s available in two sizes: 8oz and 12oz.
- We’ve made sure both cup sizes are barista friendly so it will fit under espresso
machine spouts.


Type: Equipment

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