The NEW wheat, thats wild for summer!

Wild wheat has opened a new quick stop bakery hot spot in Mt Eden. The space is divided into 2 distinct zones. One for artisan and specialty breads and the second for coffee; where you can casually wait for your delish coffee from bespecialty and be tempted by the pastries and savory items on display. The coffee setup has a refurbished 3group La San Marco 94, with a Mazzer timer grinder. All the coffees are served in takeway cups, but thats not really an issue, since you're there for a quick bread pickup.

The environment is designed to be light and fresh with a strong natural element; expressed through the use of plywood paneling throughout, and complimented by the textured concrete effect wallpaper and powdery blue walls. Simple black pendants create contrast within the space and emit a warm glow to each of the sales areas. Cane baskets and simple plywood shelves that ‘float’ off the wall are filled with varying loaves of artisan breads; the product remaining the main focus for the store and shopfront window display.




Conceptual interior design by Spaceworks  

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