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Be Specialty Seasonal House Blend (espresso)
Be Specialty Seasonal House Blend (espresso) from $13.50
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Papua New Guinea Lamari (filter)
Papua New Guinea Lamari (filter) from $15.00
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Be Specialty Golden Point Blend (espresso)
Be Specialty Golden Point Blend (espresso) from $13.50
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Rafael Amaya Lactic Natural (filter)
Rafael Amaya Lactic Natural (filter) from $32.00
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Tanzania Korongo (filter)
Tanzania Korongo (filter) from $16.00
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Indonesia Wahana (filter)
Indonesia Wahana (filter) from $18.00
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Indonesia Wahana (espresso)
Indonesia Wahana (espresso) from $18.00
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Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Edido (filter)
Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Edido (filter) from $18.00
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Guatemala Pastores (filter)
Guatemala Pastores (filter) from $20.00
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Our new production roaster, the Diedrich IR 24!

April 22, 2018

We would like to introduce our newest addition to the roasting team. The IR24 Roaster from Diedrich. The fine, yet powerful burners, amazing build quality and the variable air control makes the IR24 roaster the one to have (and we have always had a hankering for). Unfortunately, the IR24 roaster was discontinued many years ago and replaced by the CR25. You can imagine how excited we would have been a few months back when we managed to get hold of this amazing IR24 roaster. We jumped to it and before you can say "matchy matchy", we had the IR24 roaster sitting next to our original IR3 roaster that we started out with back in 2006! Our new IR24 roaster is...

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2nd Place at the New Zealand Brewers Cup 2014

May 15, 2014

The New Zealand Brewers Cup was held in Wellington last weekend. It may of been a competition of four people, but these were four highly motivated, skilled individuals that had one common goal, and that goal was to go to Italy to represent New Zealand in the World Brewers Cup. Some may say, it was not a real competition with four people, but the amount of skill and application that went into each competitor’s routine, I doubt there would have been any difference in the finals placing.   The competition consisted of two parts, a compulsory round and an‘open bar’ section. For the compulsory round, the competitors were given 500gms of the sponsorship coffee to use. The coffee was Guatemala...

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The NEW wheat, thats wild for summer!

November 30, 2013

Wild wheat has opened a new quick stop bakery hot spot in Mt Eden. The space is divided into 2 distinct zones. One for artisan and specialty breads and the second for coffee; where you can casually wait for your delish coffee from bespecialty and be tempted by the pastries and savory items on display. The coffee setup has a refurbished 3group La San Marco 94, with a Mazzer timer grinder. All the coffees are served in takeway cups, but thats not really an issue, since you're there for a quick bread pickup. The environment is designed to be light and fresh with a strong natural element; expressed through the use of plywood paneling throughout, and complimented by the textured...

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Overview of the Super Caimano 'on demand doser'

August 17, 2013

Out of the box, the Super-Caimano 'on demand doser' fit and finish are impressive. It ships with a factory-installed cooling fan and dose timer, and its construction is reassuringly solid. Setup is a snap: simply install the hopper and waste tray, plug the grinder in and go.

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