The last 6 years in the coffee world has seen a huge increase in interest in the specialty coffee industry, and these days coffee professionals have a better understanding of the relationship between the farmers and roasters. The last few years has therefore seen more cafe owners seek to place more of a focus on their coffee quality than even before and we have been contacted by many current and potential cafe owners enquiring to serve our coffees in their establishments. Thus our wholesale side of the business was born!
Prior to roasting the bulk of our seasonal house blend coffee on a larger roaster off-premises in order to keep up with increasing demand, all our coffee was roasted on the little 3kg Diedrich which still resides in the corner of Ben Cafe (read: very late nights for our Head Roaster, who one time roasted a marathon 63  batches that took 16  hours in a row, a company record that still stands today!). However all our specialty single origins and filter coffees are still to this day roasted on the little Diedrich in our espresso bar in small batches, in order to give us the best possible control over the roasting profiles, and also it’s great for the customers being able to have the same person who roasted the coffee pulling the shots on the espresso machine to test it out.
We believe that fantastic coffee is about having great beans, good equipment and spectacular people behind the machine, so if you’re a like-minded cafe-owner who wants to serve fantastic, quality-focussed coffee in your establishment, then drop us a line, we’d love to hear from you. Or why not pop into our espresso bar and try our coffee for yourself – as we always say: the proof is in the cup.

Be Specialty Coffee Headquarters and Roastery

Phone: (09) 444 2567 email: ben@bespecialty.co.nz