Overview of the Super Caimano 'on demand doser'


  • Titanium H.R. Grinder Blades Ø 75 mm
  • Engine power HP 0,60 - ~1080 Revs/min
  • Coffee-bean hopper capacity ± 2 kg
  • Dimensions: 195 x 370 x 570H (7.7in x 14.6in x 22.44in)
  • Net weight: 18kg (40lbs)
  • Electrical: 110 Volts, 3.55 Amps
  • Electronically controlled timer with variable programming (adjusts to 1/10s)
  • Multifunction control display
  • Single and double dose and manual push button
  • Electronic counter displays number of uses
  • New adjustment collar features 90 adjustment points (28% more)
  • Cooling fan on the rear

Out of the box, the Super-Caimano 'on demand doser' fit and finish are impressive. It ships with a factory-installed cooling fan and dose timer, and its construction is reassuringly solid. Setup is a snap: simply install the hopper and waste tray, plug the grinder in and go. 

It should be noted that, due to the durability of the titanium-nitride-coated burrs, the 'on demand doser' has a considerable break-in period. Optimal timer and grind settings will get progressively shorter and finer across the first 70 kilos of coffee run through the grinder. Within this period, there will also be noticeable inconsistencies in dose-per-time, which will even out as the burrs break in. 

Once the burrs are broken in,  the grinder is extremely precise and consistent. At the proper grind setting for 25-30 second extractions, an 18-gram dose will take approximately 8.5 seconds, with less than 1 gram of variation dose-to-dose. This precision not only allows for extremely consistent extractions, but also enables the barista to reliably use small dose increments to adjust their extraction time. 

This is extremely important, As a one-step change to the grind setting will generally change extraction time by 3-4 seconds for a given dose size and shot volume. 

All of these considerations, however, are overshadowed by the incredible precision of Anfim’s doser. This precision is two-fold: first, it leaves very little residual coffee in the dosing chamber post-dosing; second, it delivers an even, fluffy cone of coffee into the center of the porta-filter basket every time. There’s simply no comparison to Mazzer’s doser designs: after an hour of heavy traffic in our shop, the total amount of waste coffee on the counter is under 2 grams. A barista can go an entire shift without ever having to clean the grounds tray. 

Complementing this doser is a wonderfully intuitive factory-installed timer. The timer is set with a separate increment and decrement button for each decimal place. This granularity of timer control, means that a barista using this grinder can make tiny, precise adjustments to their dose on the fly.

It’s also worth noting that the 'on demand doser' is relatively cool-running and quiet. Both of these qualities can be attributed to a new motor, which runs at 800 rpm  This low motor-speed, combined with a factory-installed cooling fan and relatively large burrs, means that the grinder heats coffee only minimally as it is ground, lending further consistency to both extraction rate and flavor profile. 

For all of these high-points, the 'on demand doser'  is not without its quirks. As is mentioned above, the available range of grind adjustment—even in its improved form—is much broader than would be ideal. Also, the throat between the burr-set and the doser is significantly larger than on most Mazzer grinders. This, combined with the clump-breaking bar at the throat aperture, necessitates relatively frequent purging to ensure that the coffee that ends up in the porta-filter basket is as fresh as possible (this generally isn’t a problem during busy periods, but requires close attention when the shop is slow). Additionally, the Super-Caimano’s relatively light weight means that it tends to wander across the counter if not anchored; a rubber packing mat usually does the trick. 

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