Our new production roaster, the Diedrich IR 24!

We would like to introduce our newest addition to the roasting team. The IR24 Roaster from Diedrich. The fine, yet powerful burners, amazing build quality and the variable air control makes the IR24 roaster the one to have (and we have always had a hankering for). Unfortunately, the IR24 roaster was discontinued many years ago and replaced by the CR25. You can imagine how excited we would have been a few months back when we managed to get hold of this amazing IR24 roaster. We jumped to it and before you can say "matchy matchy", we had the IR24 roaster sitting next to our original IR3 roaster that we started out with back in 2006!

Our new IR24 roaster is equipped with full Automation, it can also be controlled manually, while we work on our roasting profiles. The repeatability of roasts and the accurate cross-referencing between both IR series roasters has all of us at Be Specialty very excited indeed. We have just started full production roasts on the IR24 and could not be happier, we will be adding a few bits and pieces over the next six months but do feel free to drop us a line if you are interested on having a peek at our new roasting set up.


The IR- 24 in all its glory!

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