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Aeropress brewing guide | Refractometer tutorial 101 


Aeropress brewing guide | Refractometer tutorial 101 from bespecialty on Vimeo.


Water: Antipodes still water

Kettle: Bonavita Temperature kettle

Grinder: Mahlkonig Vario W
Grind 2a
Grams: 14.3
Water: 200 mls





Third wave barista business?


TDS readings. freshness. single shots.

When is fresh too fresh? degassing? coffee to water percentage?


To extact coffee that has a TDS ratio, that fixs into the scaa standard.


The freshness of the roast.

Coffee to water percentage.

Shot length.

Shot time.


Grind setting.

aidaespresso from bespecialty on Vimeo.



Free pouring art!

Free pouring some art. from bespecialty on Vimeo.