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Ethiopia Gedeb (filter)

Ethiopia Gedeb (filter)

Abera and his family started a coffee farm in 1998 in the Guji Zone, Elaferda woreda. They supplied red coffee to coffee-washing stations but couldn't earn enough money to support their family. In 2016, Abera travelled to the Debub Region, Gedeo Zone, and Gedeb woreda to find better opportunities. After much hard work, the family now owns a 28-hectare coffee farm (14.50 hectares in Gedeb woreda and 13 hectares around the Guji Zone). 

In addition to their family business, Abera's son Habtamu has been working as a red cherry coffee supplier for washing stations for the past four years. He has even established a coffee-washing site around his family's farm. The family uses Habtamu's washing station to wash coffee for AMG, and they work with the Halo Beriti cooperative for coffee harvesting, preparation, and farm management. Their farm is also included in AMG's organic certificate and RFA program.

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Origin: Ethiopia
Reigon: Gedeb Woreda
Varietal: 74110 and 74158
Altitude: 1650-2200 MASL
Processing Method
Method: Pour over
Ratio: 1:17
Recipe: 14.5 grams / 250 grams water
Brew Time: 2:30 - 2:45 minutes
Tasting Notes
Tarty acidity with notes of honey and raspberry